Sunday, August 23, 2009

My weekend

Making : pumpkin pasta bake from August's delicious magazine for tea
Cooking : pumpkin soup and Rhonda's bread for lunch
Drinking : morning coffee at the Farmer's Market with my uni friends
Reading: Dooce's book and The Time Traveller's Wife

Wanting: the 5am wake up phase to end soon!
Looking: forward to the rally next week
Playing: Thomas the Tank for Rory to keep him occupied at 5am

Wasting: apples. You can't ask for a 'papple' and only take one bite, son!

Sewing: s
kirts and peasant dresses for the next market and a Spring top for me
Wishing: we could afford a cleaner
Enjoying: My Sister's Keeper (the movie)
Waiting: for the next chapter to begin (cryptic!)
Liking: 35% off at Patchwork by Sea

Loving: all the fabric I bought at the sale
Wondering: what I'm going to make with it allHoping: we didn't plant our tomatoes too early
Marvelling: at the sponge-like qualities of the 4 year old brain
Needing: burnt orange cotton and skinny elastic to finish some projects
Smelling: jasmine and trying to contain it so it doesn't take over our garden

Wearing: my boots for probably the last time this winter

Following: Cherry's and Tracey's new blogs

Noticing: that winter seems to be getting shorter every year
Feeling: like I miss Shell (my sister who has moved to Dubai for 2 years)
Bookmarking: These dischloths in preparation for the Jellywares swap
Opening: a tin of 'straw' to paint the kitchen
Giggling:at Rory's new favourite word - ute

Thanks Pip for the idea!

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