Thursday, August 13, 2009

The market

I'm still recovering from the market on Sunday. It was mayhem and I did not stop chatting all day (to customers, friends who said hi and my market buddy Bec - sorry for talking your ear off I don't get out much!). I even met someone who reads my blog. That makes 3 of you!

I only managed to take a few photos after the rush hence the empty racks.

The downside of a busy market day is that we have to (find time to) sew madly so we can do it all again next month. Sewing madly isn't the down side no no! But it can take over my life sometimes. The upside is that now I can go crazy buying new fabric. I spent an hour at Spotlight last night and came home with this:

When I came home I jumped online and bought a few more things including this fabric to make myself a new Anna Tunic.

And the fun didn't stop there! On Tuesday I said to the kids listen up! You get a ride on the train, a visit to the beach, a play at the park and a babycino so please can you give me 10 minutes of shopping time at my favourite fabric shop? I used my firm but not mean mummy voice and they obliged. Infact one of them even fell asleep. (BTW Adelaide people Patchwork by Sea are having a sale - up to 35% off - on Saturday 22nd of August. The details are in their newsletter.) I came home with the last remaining metre of this Amy Butler fabric.


  1. Oh glad you had a good market day Gillian! and all that fabric just looks divine!! You are really giving me a clothes sewing itch! LOL

  2. Your stall was so lovely Gillian! The dress I bought for my niece was perfect. Thanks x

  3. Glad you had a good day - I couldn't find your stall, I was there quite late, will have to get there earlier next time. Love all your new fabrics!

  4. Hi Gillian
    Your blog is looking gorgeous as usual and thanks again for the mention!
    Our stall was also looking a little battered at the end of the last market. A good thing, but then it's a few crazy weeks of catch up sewing. Wish I'd read your blog before 22nd August, in time for the Patchwork by Sea sale, but then that could be a good thing...
    See you soon


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