Thursday, August 13, 2009

Filling up my bucket

When I had counselling for PND last year I was told to 'empty my bucket.' The theory being that on top of cleaning, cooking, shopping and keeping a toddler happy, the baby was too much to cope with and my bucket was overflowing. So I simplified my life and only did what was absolutely necessary to keep myself and two kids alive until 5pm when Chris came home (really, it was that bad).

One of the tasks I relinquished was menu planning and shopping (Chris took over). I haven't complained but I am getting really sick of bangers and mash! Chris also doesn't seem to 'get' the reduce part of reduce reuse recycle and often comes home with items such as this:
Oh dear. They are truss tomatoes! They are all connected already! They don't need to be wrapped in plastic to keep them together!

So I've been slowly starting to fill the bucket back up and have taken on the shopping task once again. I sewed some nice produce bags (because SA is plastic bag free now but what about all those little bags for beans etc they are evil too) and we have been catching the bus or the tram into the central market every week and treating ourselves to a babycino and morning tea while we're there. Nothing too taxing about that now is there?

'Cleaning' however will not be going back into the bucket for quite some time.


  1. Oh I heard a bucket analogy through counselling too Gillian a while back now, about the bucket being too heavy to carry up the hill of life and discarding things you didn't really need to lighten the load and allow you to climb the hill. There was more but thats the relevant part. LOL.
    I LOVE your produce bags, and have a hubby who thinks more the same way as yours about packaging. LOL, hes learning though, its small steps.

  2. I love the bucket analogy - I need to do that in my life too (just different issues).
    It's a great idea to make the shopping trip a treat and an outing rather than just a chore, and with those pretty bags, how could you not smile?

  3. I suffered with PND after my second daughter was born - my doctor said pretty much the same, she asked if I could out source the cleaning, get take away, learn to ignore the chaos and just look after myself and the baby. It was an awful time but I am so grateful for the drugs and also for the lessons learnt!! You definitely look like you are picking up again. that's awesome.


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