Saturday, August 22, 2009

5 minute refashion

Women's t-shirt to kiddy dress. I simply chopped off the sleeves, took a few centimetres off the armholes and sewed the sleeves back on. I used an existing dress of Abby's as a guide. She thinks it has 'party dress' potential but for $1 I'm gonna let her make mud pies in it.

He-who-is-happy-to-play-with-one-car for half an hour and I visited some op-shops on Wednesday while she-of-little-patience was at kindy. After a babycino at the Brown Dog Cafe (delicious food but crumby service) we popped into the Sunflower Shop on Goodwood Road. It is a small shop but has huge turnover so there's always something good (especially women's clothing and shoes). I had a hot tip (from an eavesdropped conversation) about the Salvos in
Darlington on South Road so we headed there next. The selection of clothing was pretty daggy but they had heaps of furniture and also manchester. We also stopped in at the Big A Op Shop on Goodwood Road as I'd never seen it open before. I was underwhelmed and probably won't bother visiting again. I think I picked up some doilies there but that was about it.

Here is the rest of our haul -
- A cushion cover I plan to turn into a tote bag.
- Some vintage Sheridan sheets with purple flowers (seemingly brand new!)
- Some pillowcases and assorted lovely linens
- a ute and about 10 other matchbox cars for the walrus because he can say 'ute' now and it makes me laugh and he seems to have this idea in his head that when he visits an op-shop he has to buy a car.

In other op-shop news I have booked to go on a you us and a bus tour. I'm hoping they'll introduce me to some op-shops I haven't visited before.

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  1. you us and a bus sounds great! You look to have a great haul and I am lamenting the loss of my seemingly new Sheridan sheets and doona cover. I gave away in a January declutter before the arrival of my sewing machine :(


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