Monday, July 13, 2009

A whole weekend of 'me time'

I'm not the 'fridge' anymore and I've been feeling the need to get away for a while so I booked myself a little sojourn in the Adelaide hills. That's right. No husband. No kids.

But.... I missed everyone and was terribly lonely. 'Me time' is overrated

...being in charge of the remote control? overrated (there's nothing on tv anyway!)
...solo breakfast reading the papers? overrated (no one to talk to and no one to share tastes with)
...spending as long as I want in the shops that I want? overrated (I have no spare money and remember that vow I took)
...going for long walks in the countryside? overrated (I missed the running commentary. A cow is really just a boring old cow without the 'moo' chorus and a rendition of "Old Macdonald had a farm")

...2 whole nights of uninterrupted sleep combined with waking up when I want? SO NOT OVERRATED!

The days stretched on forever and I experienced something I had forgotten existed. That phenomenon known as 'idle time.' The luxury of wondering hmmm what shall I do next. Knit? Read my book? Go for a walk? Yes, I must admit, that part was nice.

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