Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wardrobe Refashion - Day 1

I signed up for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS at Wardrobe Refashion. That means no new clothing purchases until November. So I'll be sewing/refashioning/op-shopping my way through the rest of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Chris is excluded from this challenge. He won't let me make him anything and all his clothes are from the mid 90s anyway (it's ok he doesn't read my blog).
So I started the challenge with some new trackies for Abby. Seriously, the kid grew 4 inches while we were away and all her tops are now midriff and her pants show her ankles. I made these using the instructions in Soulemama's Creative Family book and a pair of my old tracksuit pants. Basically, I just traced around a pair of her well-fitting trackies and used the existing side-seams and hem. Easy peasy.

You'll have to excuse the dark photos. She is looking out the window at the pouring rain and it
was dark).


  1. Good luck with it. I think it will be a fun challenge!

  2. Hi Gillian,
    Oh this does sound like an interesting challenge, I'll be off to check it out after this. I have just caught up on your blog, Oh keeping little ones entertained on rainy days can be hard huh, we are having one today and I am about to hit the kitchen for some baking.


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