Friday, July 31, 2009

The party dress

There are two remarkable things about this picture:
1) Abby is standing still while I take her photo
2) Abby is standing still while I take her photo in a dress I made for her

This is her birthday dress. Except she didn’t wear it on her birthday. Despite having chosen the pattern and the fabric she decided she wanted to wear her ‘pretty dress’ and not this hideous creation I lovingly sewed for her.

But tonight we ‘dumped that pesky brother’ and went out for a lovely dinner. Just mummy, daddy and the big girl who brought her restaurant manners and left her whingey voice in the car. Just lovely. The pasta on the menu for $30 was not so lovely. Not that I ordered it. $30 for pasta? I'm sure it was lovely but so was my (also overpriced) $20 pasta. Sheesh. Maybe I just haven't been out for a while.

Quote of the evening - “because I’m wearing my party shoes I’m in a happy mood.” That’s my child!

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