Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kindy is taking over our lives

Goodness. I thought I would have more free time once Abby started proper kindy but it feels like we've got less time. I'm conscious of not wearing her out which means we've been doing a whole lot of nothing but just enough to keep her little brother from driving us crazy with his need to get out of the house even though it is raining. Argh. I'm the one going crazy.
So we've been op shopping. Abby scopes out the puzzles and books and Rory tries on ladies shoes while I hunt for treasures to make more tablecloth dresses. Everyone's happy.

Today I found the ugliest quilt in the whole world.

I overlooked it initially but when I went back to pick everything up off the floor and put it on the shelf (Rory wasn't just looking at shoes today) I noticed these squares:



So I bought it with the inention of chopping it up but now I feel a little bit sad about destroying someone elses (idea of) loveliness and hardwork.


  1. Chop it up and make it into something beautiful! Those blocks deserve better. It's not their fault somebody had poor taste.

  2. I know what you mean about kindy, I thought I'd have all this spare time, but in reality I don't - we have to be so time conscious to make sure we are all ready in time. I've been trying to get out to do some op shopping for awhile now, might go tomorrow seeing as Jai's kindy is closed for a training day!


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