Saturday, July 11, 2009

Green cleaning gift

My sister actually seemed genuinely pleased when I presented her with this green cleaning kit for her birthday. I'm sure most people would be less than pleased to receive such a gift (and 3 months late at that!!).

We threw out all our chemical cleaners when we moved into our new house 3 years ago. They made me sneeze and itch. Since then we've saved a fortune and we haven't looked back. I can't say our house is actually 'clean' because that would require using the cleaning products on a regular basis but I can say that when we do use them they do a good job.

Aimee has similar allergy issues and is moving into a new house next week so I made her up this little kit:

It contains:
- 50/50 water + vinegar mix which we use for cleaning just about every surface - bench tops, shower, sinks, furniture
- bicarb in a shaker which we use for cleaning sinks, cook tops and the oven
- rags made from chopped up old clothes
- a housework apron
- a green cleaning recipe list


  1. This is really cool. I have thought about changing to "green" cleaners, but my husband is such a disinfectant freak and I know he'd never go for it. Not that he does the cleaning, but he still brings home cleaning products. Maybe I'll work on him a little.

    what do you use to clean the toilets?

  2. Wow...I even get a mention, I should read this more often! Yes I was genuinley pleased and even more pleased how easy and sneeze free cleaning is now :) The new house loves it too!


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