Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't laugh

This is a sock.

I like to knit and I do it a lot but I wouldn't call myself a good knitter. Until recently I've only ever knitted scarves. Last year I made some beanies and I've made another 15 or so this year using the same pattern over and over and over. So...time to branch out. Extend myself a little. Time to try a baby sock.

I googled 'easy knit baby socks' and found this which looked fairly straightforward. A few things went wrong though. First, yucky wool. Second, ummm things went pear-shaped right after I cast on. The instructions say 'rib' the first 12 rows and I just knit them. Third, I dropped a whole heap of stitches and there's a ladder running up one side. The other side. I photographed the 'good' side. Fourth, the foot is way too long. I got carried away and knitted 24 rows instead of 15. The result is one hideous looking sock. I'm not going to bother knitting one to match. I'm going to use that time searching for a different sock pattern instead. Or maybe I'll just go back to knitting beanies....

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  1. Sorry Gillian but after reading your process I did laugh! Turn it upside down give it some ears and a patch on its ladder and make it a little hand puppet or something... : )


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