Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brown Owls

Brown Owls was fun but not what I expected. I was expecting sharing and group discussion and introductions and some 'look everyone this is what I'm knitting/sewing/embroidering/crocheting isn't it lovely.' It turned out to be a very informal sit and chat and do your thing. I sat and chatted with Silly Gilly and Lady Rockstitch and blogless Leonie who had one of those big round knitting loom thingamiajigs.

Silly Gilly made this rainbow fleecy scarf for Bab and I finished off Rory's 4th beanie for the winter. He seems to enjoy flinging them out of the pram when I'm not looking. His punishment was having to wear Abby's old pink pussycat hat until I finished this one for him.

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