Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The holiday is over

Chris went back to work today which was made all the more traumatic owing to the 5:00am wake up call. That's 13 whole hours spent keeping a 17 month old boy happy. No easy task. Especially when he's had the undivided attention of both parents for 2 weeks and even more so because it poured with rain all day. I nearly resorted to taking a trip to the 'mall' but survived. Just.

The tropical sunshine part of the holiday ended a week ago and since then I've been...

Baking a gazillion cupcakes for the kindy disco
We realised we don't get out much because we actually enjoyed the dancing and were reluctant to stop in order to fulfil the sausage/chips/face paint/balloon animal requests.

Doing backyard blitz on the front yard....
This was all lawn apart from just along the fence line but it wasn't growing well because of shade/neighbouring gum tree/using the front yard as a parking lot issues. The neighbours gave us the bricks so we just had to pay for the dirt and the plants. It is still looking sparse but we are waiting to see what survives before we go too gung-ho with the planting.

And organising my sewing room....
I finally managed to convince Chris we should move the guest bed into Rory's room ready for when he is sleeping in a big bed and now I have the whole room to myself (oh, apart from the wine collection but I'm not complaining about that). I haven't quite finished as I keep getting sidetracked. First I made this ironing board cover which I have been meaning to do forever and seriously only took me 20 minutes so I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. The old one was frog fabric (I grew out of the frog collecting phase when I was about 10 but I continue to be gifted with frog-related paraphernalia) with speckles of interfacing glue.
And I couldn't sort through all that fabric and not have an irresistible urge to sew something pretty with it. So I made these cushions to brighten up the lounge.

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  1. Hey there Gillybean. You seriously need to inspire me to make an ironing board cover for my desktop ironing board. I just keep putting it off as I don't have the foam for underneath. I'm currently using an old rag/towel which makes for a very bad ironing base....
    Hope you had a great holiday!!


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