Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The holiday is over

Chris went back to work today which was made all the more traumatic owing to the 5:00am wake up call. That's 13 whole hours spent keeping a 17 month old boy happy. No easy task. Especially when he's had the undivided attention of both parents for 2 weeks and even more so because it poured with rain all day. I nearly resorted to taking a trip to the 'mall' but survived. Just.

The tropical sunshine part of the holiday ended a week ago and since then I've been...

Baking a gazillion cupcakes for the kindy disco
We realised we don't get out much because we actually enjoyed the dancing and were reluctant to stop in order to fulfil the sausage/chips/face paint/balloon animal requests.

Doing backyard blitz on the front yard....
This was all lawn apart from just along the fence line but it wasn't growing well because of shade/neighbouring gum tree/using the front yard as a parking lot issues. The neighbours gave us the bricks so we just had to pay for the dirt and the plants. It is still looking sparse but we are waiting to see what survives before we go too gung-ho with the planting.

And organising my sewing room....
I finally managed to convince Chris we should move the guest bed into Rory's room ready for when he is sleeping in a big bed and now I have the whole room to myself (oh, apart from the wine collection but I'm not complaining about that). I haven't quite finished as I keep getting sidetracked. First I made this ironing board cover which I have been meaning to do forever and seriously only took me 20 minutes so I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. The old one was frog fabric (I grew out of the frog collecting phase when I was about 10 but I continue to be gifted with frog-related paraphernalia) with speckles of interfacing glue.
And I couldn't sort through all that fabric and not have an irresistible urge to sew something pretty with it. So I made these cushions to brighten up the lounge.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Attention Adelaideans!

Brown Owls is coming to Adelaide. Actually, it's already here and I missed the boat. The first meeting was last week and the next one is the 25th of June in the city. You can buy your membership here. Yippeee!! I've always wanted to crochet....

Brown Owls

Monday, June 15, 2009

...and a hat to keep the sun off

Reversible! This is my 3rd attempt at the same hat. Thankfully it worked this time. It's a little bit mushroomy but definitely wearable. I would've been really cross if I'd wasted some of my favourite Amy fabric on yet another stuff up. The secret to hat making? Precision cutting and precision sewing.

Holiday skirts

48 hours and counting down. My suitcase is sorted now the only problem I have is what to do about my lily white legs.
The green skirt is made from an op-shop single bed cover. Even though it was holey and a bit faded, I bought it because I love the colours. I've broken the ric-rac should only be used on clothing for children rule but I don't care, I'm in holiday mode.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I used Rhonda's tutorial to try my hand at bread making yesterday. It was my new year's resolution (my only one) so I'm glad I can tick it off the list.

mix mix

To my amazement it actually worked! It looks and tastes just like real bread.

the second rise

It was demolished. And I'm wondering why I didn't do this sooner...

yummy lunch

I didn't use Gluten Flour because I couldn't find it at the supermarket. The loaf was a bit doughy and heavy but certainly edible and yummy. I have good bread-kneading arms thanks to all my years of baby carrying.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fighting childhood obesity one Rock Cake at a time...

We love to bake. We also love the eat what we bake. My kids are incredibly active so I'm not actually worried about them becoming overweight but if they do I have the solution...


I seem to be the only one in the family who likes to eat them. Abby's was lobbed back on the plate with a 'yuk' and Rory carried his around the backyard for most of the afternoon like treasure. Treasure that he wouldn't eat.

Cakes that Rock

2 cups SR flour, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/3 cup castor sugar, 90g butter, 1 cup sultanas, 1 egg, lightly beaten, 1/3 cup milk

Mix flour, cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Add butter and rub in with fingers. Stir in the sultanas. Add the egg and milk and mix until it is moist but firm. Make golf ball sized balls and bake for about 15minutes at 200c. Eat at your leisure. The vultures won't be interested so there'll be no need to scoff these babies.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer skirt

My quilting phase (craze!) came to an abrupt end today when I realised this time next week we'll be on a plane to a tropical beach and we have nothing to wear!

First, some skirts for Bab.
The red one is refashioned from a skirt I made for myself last summer. I wore it a few times before realising it was completely see-through and totally indecent. Yikes. I do love the fabric though and it doesn't matter so much if people can see little girl love heart knickers.

OK, time to see how many 1 hour skirts I can whip up before I have to retrieve the kidlets.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first 'real' quilt

The other one was trying hard to be a quilt but officially I think it was a 'patchwork blanket' because it just had polarfleece on the back.
This one is the real deal and I think I'm officially addicted. I never understood the whole quilting thing but I have fallen in love with the sound of my sewing machine going smoothly through so many layers and turning scraps of fabric into something warm and useful. We need one for every room in the house (and there's a high probability each of them will contain some ikea hippos).
I don't quite understand why the bias binding needs to be hand sewn on???? Who has time for that? And why bother? I used my machine and it looks just fine.

This one is for a newly hatched baby boy.

Birthday season is upon us

Just about all of Abby's friends have birthdays coming up so I've been making these as gifts:

A pencil case
A pack of pencils
A drawing book and
A drawstring bag to carry it all in
Bring on the fairy bread!
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