Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No more fighting

A few weeks ago I commented to Chris' mum how much I liked her new blanket and lo and behold she turned up at my back door the very next day with the fabric I needed to make my very own.

She found the fabric at her local fabric shop for $23/m which I think is a bargain considering it is suede and has fur lining on the back. All I had to do was hem the edges. I chopped some fabric off the bottom to make some matching cushions.
The colours are lovely and bright. The fabric shop said it had been walking out the door. We love it and now it means we don't have to share the other blanket we have.

Chris' mum also bought me this giraffe and spot fabric from Sprout Design which I'm having trouble finding a project for. Cute but very orange. I was thinking about making a pencil case. Suggestions? Suggestions for how to tone it down also welcome!


  1. I love the orange!
    You could make a twirly skirt from the spots and applique a white tshirt with the giraffes.


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