Saturday, May 16, 2009

Market sewing

I was re-reading some old blog posts last night and realised I blog in waves. One week it's all about the kids, the next it's all about my sewing. Obviously, I'm having a hard time finding the balance I seek. Lately, it's been all about the kids so here's a sewing post.

I went into panic mode on about Tuesday when I realised I hadn't sewn much new stuff for the big market on Sunday. My sewing room is in the cold part of the house and I haven't been venturing in there of an evening, instead choosing to knit on the nice cosy couch.

Since Tuesday I've crammed a whole lot in and am planning a late night tonight (I will have to borrow Rory's heater).

I've been making some reversible smock-type tops (no name for them yet). In adult and kiddy versions. Here is a kiddy version:
And also some patchwork coin purses. My favourite part is putting all the fabrics together and these satisfy my need for 'make it quick holy cow the market is in 2 days and I have nothing to sell.'And here is photographic evidence taken just a few minutes ago showing why I can't combine sewing and child-rearing...

our neighbour pushing Rory in the doll's pram.

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