Monday, May 11, 2009

Kindy - Day 2

Abby had her second day at kindy today. Last week she told me in no uncertain terms to 'go away' when I went to pick her up as she wasn't finished playing. This week she was waiting for me by the front door.

Turns out my little girl was tripped over by one of the other kids. 'It wasn't an accident, mummy' she tells me, 'it was mean.' She also tells me she tried to make friends with two twin girls and a boy we vaguely know from the park and that they didn't want to be her friend. All this of course makes me so so sad. Day 2 of kindy and she's already having to endure schoolyard politics. I thought at that age if you like Peppa Pig and they like Peppa Pig you were automatically friends.

On the up side, she painted this hilarious picture of her baby brother and did some beading which the kindy teacher photocopied (I think to hang on the kindy walls and send to mensa).

It's no surprise she's the not-popular-but-smart kid in the class since that was the burden both myself and her dad carried through our school years.

Anyway, I cheered her up with some scones and cuddles and we're hoping for a better week next week. It takes time to make friends, you know.

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