Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can see a rainbow

I wanted to make a quilt to keep my little ones warm on our early morning walks in the 'Tarago'. My mission was to use scraps and only scraps and as I sorted through them a rainbow appeared.
This blanket will serve as a lovely reminder of this time in Abby's life (when her favourite colour was 'rainbow') and also of what I've been sewing lately.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spotty Giraffes

Rory didn't want to nap solo yesterday so I was forced to lay down with him. Sometimes this mum gig is hard work.
While reposing I came up with an idea to turn the spotty giraffe fabric into a mobile. Ta da!

Watcha Wearing Wednesday?

Comfy wins again.

Here I am in one of my comfy tube skirts (I have one for every day of the week now), a Rivers long sleeve purple t-shirt, Sportsgirl leggings and my older-than-Abby Peter Alexander Ugg boots. I may or may not change shoes when I go out later today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No more fighting

A few weeks ago I commented to Chris' mum how much I liked her new blanket and lo and behold she turned up at my back door the very next day with the fabric I needed to make my very own.

She found the fabric at her local fabric shop for $23/m which I think is a bargain considering it is suede and has fur lining on the back. All I had to do was hem the edges. I chopped some fabric off the bottom to make some matching cushions.
The colours are lovely and bright. The fabric shop said it had been walking out the door. We love it and now it means we don't have to share the other blanket we have.

Chris' mum also bought me this giraffe and spot fabric from Sprout Design which I'm having trouble finding a project for. Cute but very orange. I was thinking about making a pencil case. Suggestions? Suggestions for how to tone it down also welcome!

Monday, May 18, 2009

No more cold feet

I made this so I don't get cold feet while I brush my teeth.
Using scraps of fabric and a hand towel for the back.

Other house-warming projects up my sleeve include: some door sausages, a pram blanket for our early morning walks and a couch blankie because I'm sick of fighting over the one we've got.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Market sewing

I was re-reading some old blog posts last night and realised I blog in waves. One week it's all about the kids, the next it's all about my sewing. Obviously, I'm having a hard time finding the balance I seek. Lately, it's been all about the kids so here's a sewing post.

I went into panic mode on about Tuesday when I realised I hadn't sewn much new stuff for the big market on Sunday. My sewing room is in the cold part of the house and I haven't been venturing in there of an evening, instead choosing to knit on the nice cosy couch.

Since Tuesday I've crammed a whole lot in and am planning a late night tonight (I will have to borrow Rory's heater).

I've been making some reversible smock-type tops (no name for them yet). In adult and kiddy versions. Here is a kiddy version:
And also some patchwork coin purses. My favourite part is putting all the fabrics together and these satisfy my need for 'make it quick holy cow the market is in 2 days and I have nothing to sell.'And here is photographic evidence taken just a few minutes ago showing why I can't combine sewing and child-rearing...

our neighbour pushing Rory in the doll's pram.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We have a pumpkin

A green-thumbed friend gave me a tip. Apparently we have a severe shortage of bees in Adelaide at the moment so I need to self-fertilise the pumpkins. Which basically means sticking your finger in the boy pumpkin flower to collect some pollen and then brushing it in the girl pumpkin flower. Which is which? Easy. The male flower is long and pointy and the female flower is round and curvy. Ofcourse!

And we've had success! This is a butternut pumpkin which I grew from seeds I collected from a shop-bought pumpkin last year. Pumpkin soup here we come.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kindy - Day 2

Abby had her second day at kindy today. Last week she told me in no uncertain terms to 'go away' when I went to pick her up as she wasn't finished playing. This week she was waiting for me by the front door.

Turns out my little girl was tripped over by one of the other kids. 'It wasn't an accident, mummy' she tells me, 'it was mean.' She also tells me she tried to make friends with two twin girls and a boy we vaguely know from the park and that they didn't want to be her friend. All this of course makes me so so sad. Day 2 of kindy and she's already having to endure schoolyard politics. I thought at that age if you like Peppa Pig and they like Peppa Pig you were automatically friends.

On the up side, she painted this hilarious picture of her baby brother and did some beading which the kindy teacher photocopied (I think to hang on the kindy walls and send to mensa).

It's no surprise she's the not-popular-but-smart kid in the class since that was the burden both myself and her dad carried through our school years.

Anyway, I cheered her up with some scones and cuddles and we're hoping for a better week next week. It takes time to make friends, you know.

My mother's day

- A tiny sleep in

- Breakfast and shopping at the farmer's market (much more fun than last year when I cried my eyes out because 4 month old Rory decided the best time for a breastfeed was the exact time my breakfast arrived. Hellooooo post-natal depression)

- The Jason Mraz CD I asked for and a pizza stone which I didn't ask for but was on Chris' father's day list
- Lots of cuddles from the wee ones (it's one of the rules)

- A picnic with beautiful autumn colour, kite-flying attempts and a furry friend

- When is it children's day? Every other day of the year, Abby!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ha ha look what I've got!

Yes, I know I sound like a precocious 5 year old but you should be jealous of me 'cause look what I've got!
Amy was beyond generous. When I signed up for her Pay it Forward swap I was expecting that perhaps she'd make a bib for Rory or send me a lovely brooch so I was flabbergasted when I opened the letterbox and found this lovely creature. My parents, having never heard of a 'blog' couldn't figure out why a stranger from Sydney was sending me a hippo. Some things are hard to explain.

Anyway, my blog-stalking really paid off this time. He is just perfectly made and wonderfully crafted. Amy is very talented indeed. The only problem is that he's gender neutral so I'm forced to rotate him between bedrooms depending on who is my favourite child that day.

Oh, and by the way I still haven't had anyone sign up for my Pay It Forward and I'd still like to participate so here are the rules:

I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 interested people who comment on this post and I have 365 days to do it in....You must have a blog to join in and be willing to do the same for three other people

I will change the rules and 'pay it back' to Amy if no one signs up.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 new words today

and PLOP

He couldn't quite get the hang of EMU.

We also managed to fit in some stair practice and Rory made it very clear that even though I can walk now Mum, your hip is still my preferred mode of transport.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Good things about May

Hi, remember me? I'm that blogger who vowed to post every day. Ha! Clearly I was dreaming. It's possible I don't have as much to say as I thought but actually I'm blaming lack of time. You know, that affliction that comes with having a 15 month old and a nearly 4 year old? Yeah.

I can't belive it's May already but I'm glad it is. Here's why:

- My friend Britta is having a baby in May. I'm lining up for cuddles already.
- I have been looking forward to a tropical getaway for 5 months now and can finally say we're going away 'next month'
- My first solo Gilles St market is in May
- April is over (all months beginning in A are crap I've decided)
- Autumn colour and some long overdue rain
- Mother's Day is in May (I've placed my orders)
- Some family celebrations including a 60th and a 35th wedding anniversary
- And the best thing about May? My little girl started kindy today. Off she went with a smile and a wave and an 'I don't want to go home' when I went to collect her. The only tears came from mummy. Surprising, since I've been waiting four years for this day. I'd put myself firmly in the 'champagne' not 'tears' category.

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