Monday, April 27, 2009

Sewing Monday

Sewing? On a Monday? Oh, you thought Wednesday was my sewing day? Well, it is. And now, SO IS MONDAY! Oh yes. So I officially have two child-free days per week. The catch? Well, I have to drag myself into my sewing room and slave away creating and making for hours and hours on end for two whole day every week. I know, tough gig! I'll be sewing stuff for the Gilles St market. 6 months of pester power worked and I've been offered a permanent spot at the best market in town.

And my goal? Well, I just wanna sew really. And sell enough stuff to pay for 1 day of childcare for both kidlets each week (and maybe even a cleaner if things go really well). Lofty ambitions. I'm not doing it for the money I'm doing it for my sanity. I've done my time as a SAHM.

I had a stall the Gilles St market once before and discovered that I was out-funkied. Also, there were a lot of people selling lovely things for kids so I've decided to move away from little girl skirts and into clothes for big people. Clothes that I would want to wear (think comfy!).

Clothes like this:

And if I pull it off I get to live the dream - making money doing what I love. If you saw Insight last week you'll know what I'm talking about.

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