Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday's furniture moving frenzy created a cozy reading nook in the living room. We've been going there to de-grumpify. Usually we go outside to the trampoline but the weather has taken a dive. My two love to read (and I love to read to them provided it's not Angelina Ballerina for the millionth time) so this will be our foul mood go-to for winter.

i only keep chopping off my head because i can't seem to make a normal face when i'm having my photo taken....

Retail therapy also helps a foul mood and I'm in search of a new winter coat so Abby and I trawled the shops today. No luck. So I've been searching for a good coat pattern instead. It's possible I'm over-estimating my sewing skills but I can always head back to the sewing school for a bit of help and it'll still be cheaper than forking out the $495 for the coat I have my eye on.

And finally, Chris, Abby and Rory shipped off to the in-laws for dinner so I could sew and read my new favourite blog. Aaaah. Now I'm a happy mummy.

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