Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camping, anyone?

I was following the directions for a women's blouse so I'm wondering how I ended up with a three person tent?
The fact that I was using a 1970s maternity patterns should've clued me in. Now I know what our mums have been complaining about. Back then it was all about hiding the bump.
I like the sleeves and the pockets and the neckline but I'm not really enjoying my new triangular proportions.
Anyway, I've figured out a way to make this top less balloon-y. I made some long ties which I sewed on at the sides and can tie up at the back. If I want to wear it tent-style I can just put the ties in the pockets. Ha! That'll keep people guessing.


  1. Cute fabric! It seems like something I could wear without any alterations at all at the moment!
    Thanks for your comment on my house - I'm very excited. And the weather can be really lovely here! When I visited Adelaide it was so hot I wilted!

  2. Hi Gil,
    I love your photos! I also like the tent top. It is gorgeous. Rory is amazingly apt at walking seeing that he has only just started.
    I'm trying to improve my blogsite so any help would be appreciated.
    All the best,


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