Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A blue day

Sick and mopey today.

Not so sick I couldn't manage to drag my feet around the op-shop near my doctor, though.
Blue things a-plenty. Some fabric (ooh pretty vintage florals! Actually, they may not be vintage but I found them in an op-shop so they fit my definition of vintage), a denim dress for Abby, and a mum who was yelling at her child 'til she was blue in the face. And it's only day one of the school holidays.


  1. Welcome back!!! Great denim pinnie, Abby is a lucky girl. We have an email issue. I did not get your email the other day. My address is redted@redted.com.au and i am not sure if you sent it to kate@redted.com.au. I have tried to email you back aswell and am having no luck, mail keeps getting returned. We need to sort this out!!!
    Take care

  2. Love the dress! What a good find. And is anyone ever too sick to keep away from an oppy? Not me! Seriously, I hope are feeling better. Rach


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