Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day - One to forget

And the award for world's grumpiest kids goes to - my two. Gee, did we have a crap day. We should've just sat in the rain watching the parade because at least then we'd all have a reason to be in a foul mood.

We're doing a mini-reno in the kitchen which involves changing all the door knobs and a new paint job. I've settled on Dulux 'straw' but Chris is not convinced so we went to Bunnings today and got a sample pot of 'peach tint' and 'salmon pink'. We could've saved ourselves the $8 per sample pot because I know we'll end up with straw walls. My powers of persuasion are great.

So great I convinced Chris to rearrange the furniture again today. I think it's a change of seasons thing. So my spur of the moment decision to move the tv to a different corner had us moving both couches, the dining table, 2 bookcases (and all the clutter that goes along with that) and cleaning and mopping the floors. Lucky we move the furniture so often, cause I think we're breeding new life forms under our couches.

Needless to say we all needed a rest and some Anzac biccies after all that. Painting tomorrow.

This is the kitchen now:

It was just plain cream when we moved in and I painted the pink feature wall in my post baby haze. I've grown to hate it and we've all had our share of pink cupcakes so it's time for a change. I like change...and I can't holiday. So paint it is.

OK time to recover from the day and test out our new tv-couch configuration with a movie, some wine and some choc.

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  1. Um.......i think i am going to challenge you on the grumpiest kids comment. I am pretty sure that my day was worse than yours!!!!! Although i have now learnt to just stop moving furniture if the kids are not in agreement, but it took me a long time to succumb to the pressure. I do love your pink kitchen and i did a similar thing once with citrus lime!!! Needless to say it too got the chop after a while, and neutral reigned once again.


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