Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There's a hole in my bucket

When I discovered Jodie's tutorial for fabric buckets a few months ago I bookmarked it knowing I would return to it one day when I was tired of finding hair ties behind the couch and sliding around the floor on marbles.

That day arrived today. Seriously, there's only so many bits of embedded-in-foot-lego this Mummy can take.

How great are they? Who needs Ikea? These buckets are perfect for all the little things we seem to accumulate. They are also perfect for using up fabric scraps.

In the spirit of using up existing materials and not buying fabric in March I have joined angrychicken's no $ apron challenge. 'Cause I need more aprons....

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  1. Jodie does a mean tutorial, doesn't she!? Glad to see the final result after we talked about these buckets last weekend.
    You've inspired me now to make some for Nevada's room to store her ever growing stash of 'small things'.


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