Monday, March 23, 2009

Ta da! Anna Tunic

So here it is! It doesn't take long to hem and now that Rory is sleeping through (hooray!) I don't feel the need to retire for the night at 8:30pm anymore.

I made a large in "dress" length but ended up chopping about 6 inches off so really I think mine is closer to "mini dress" size. I was a bit reluctant to go straight for the "mini" size given that I'm now in my 30s.
It's a bit Jane Jetson and I would probably never buy it if I saw it in a shop (it looks much better on). I don't really like the fabric I used but it was cheap from the op shop and since this was a first attempt and I wasn't sure how it would turn out I didn't want to use up any good stuff. Most of the flickr photos I've seen are made with patterned fabric and I think that works better.
But I just wanted something that would go with everything and I love wearing green. I can throw this on and wear it all year round. I can layer it up for winter or wear it on its own in summer. And it's so comfortable which is my number 1 criteria for clothing at the moment.
The pattern was easy peasy. Well, not simple easy but easy-to-follow easy. Lots of clear instructions as well as pictures. Either I'm a much better sewer now than I was 6 months ago or Amy Butler's patterns are much simpler than Simplicity's because I made 3 Simplicty 4589 shirts (which are quite similar to this tunic) in Spring last year and had a lot of trouble!
I made it in 3 sessions of about 2 hours each. The first was just cutting out the pattern pieces and the fabric. The second I sewed the panels and the lining and today I sewed the yoke and the hem. The yoke required some concentration and careful reading but the rest was fairly straightforward. The buttons at the back are very pretty and are nowhere near as complicated as I thought they would be. I can get the tunic on and off without unbuttoning it so perhaps next time I won't bother with the buttons. Or the lining for that matter. Who needs lining, really?
It's a winner. I will be making more.

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