Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shabby chic bib

My kids could be the poster children for "shabby chic." They start the day looking quite chic. Nicely dress in clean clothes with neatly combed and styled hair. They finish the day looking positively shabby. But that's ok because they're kids. And kids get messy. That's why they have 2 baths a day (no, it's not so I can sit, relax and knit for 5 minutes while they splash).

This bib will camouflage some of the mess. Kids can slobber, drool and spit up their mush all over this bib and you won't even see it.

The zig-zagged edges of this bib give it its shabbiness and the patchwork squares give it its chicness.

And I used up more fabric scraps. And K-Rudd gave us $900 today. So when March is over I can really go nuts at the fabric shops. Thanks Kevin. And thanks Ted for being my (way more co-operative than the other 2) model.

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