Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School teacher jumper to librarian cardi

I don’t normally buy things for myself at the op shop. I just can’t get past the smell and the wondering about the previous owner.

But this jumper had that Virgo school teacher look about it and smelled like eucalyptus wool mix. It is the perfect size, it's in perfect condition and it's a good quality brand (Jacqui E) so I knew it had potential.

the before photo must always be horrid

I snipped it up the middle and added a ribbon trim. I had planned to jazz up the embroidered flower (hard to see because it’s black) with some buttons or beads or something but decided to leave it and added this crochet flower brooch (from the Fullarton Market) instead. I also added a ruffle thing around the sleeves to pretty it up a bit and make it a bit more feminine. It didn't quite worked out as planned but looks ok.


It's not looking so school-teachery anymore. More librarian-y instead.

Yes, still wearing my Anna Tunic. I haven’t taken it off yet. I even broke my "not buying any fabric in March" vow today and plan to make two more (at least!).

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