Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No peeking Aimee!

I don't think she reads my blog anyway....

Do you see the irony in giving a uni student a coin purse for her birthday? It's a bit like when I was young and would buy myself a new purse or wallet and then not have any money left to put in it.

I made this one using a tutorial I found at Bling on my Sewing Machine (cool name!). Buuut there are a few changes I'll make when I sew another one. First, the size. I'm going to make mine bigger. Also, on the inside of the purse the seams are showing! And they're unfinished! Egad. We can't have that. I didn't bother with the stabilising fabric and coped ok with the zip (it was much easier than I expected).

I'm on a roll today and tonight with my sewing and have a few March/April birthdays so back to it.

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