Thursday, March 5, 2009

New season new jammies

There's something about the change of seasons that brings on my need for new PJs. That, and discovering the only pair of warm PJs your daughter owns are now calf length.

So, the growing (before my very eyes it seems) girl got some new PJs today.

I kindof cheated. I don't do buttons and collars and fancy things that real pyjamas would require so I bought a set of 4 spencers at Target and just made the bottoms. There's enough of this op shop fabric left over so I can have a matching pair. I haven't grown (well, not up anyway) since last year so I'll make do with my current PJs for now.

Is it wrong to neglect your children to sew if you're sewing something for them? Actually it wasn't really neglect. In the past I would've spent the fleeting seconds when they are both happily playing doing boring chores. Now, I sew. And boy can you tell! Anyway, Rhonda (one of the first blogs I started to read) says we should treat knitting and sewing as part of housework which suits me fine. I think Rhonda does other chores too though.

Abby is reading Round Fish Square Bowl in this photo which is a lovely book about not quite fitting in and celebrating our differences. Sadly, I think Abby is on the verge of picking up on some of the playground nastiness she overhears (not from me, I use real expletives). She called me a "silly old man" the other day and today a "pig girl." Hmmm. This book fits in with some of the discussions we've been having. Raising good people is hard work.

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