Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nanna cushion

the original picture

Here is a cushion only a nanna could love. I used fabric that she gave me from her stash (the shabby chic green and pink roses which I do love but isn't really my style), and in the middle is a portrait of her done by Abby. I planned to embroider the whole thing (a la soulemama and the long thread) but since I've never done embroidery before (it's not that easy, as it turns out) I decided to applique the bigger pieces. I should've used only plain pieces of fabric in the applique because the eyes, mouth, arms (3 of them!) and legs get a bit lost in the flowery background. Nevermind.

Later on, in front of the TV, I will endeavour to embroider Abby's name as well.

Chris's mum will love it and appreciate it in a way only a Nanna could.

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