Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jersey Queen

miss new jersey
Well, that was an interesting Google search! Moving right along.

Oh I've been having so much trouble with knit fabric. I was ready to give up but the other day I was wearing one of these bellybands and thought hmm maybe I could just make a longer one of these. I also had a lot of help from Built by Wendy's fantastic book. Yay, finally a wearable skirt. It's basically just a tube so it was a piece of cake to make (in the end).
It's a little tight so I'm going to make another slightly bigger one. I wonder if any of my skinny friends are planning to join the circus......
I was determined to get it right because I have soooo much of this fabric and because most of the clothes we wear are made from knit fabrics. I really would love to be able to sew most of our clothing so this was something I had to conquer.

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