Friday, March 6, 2009

It's not called an 'opportunity shop' for nothing

Oh we've had good Op Shop karma ever since we donated a huge bag of clothes to our local Op Shop. I could've sold it all on Ebay and made myself a tidy sum but decided in the end that a) I couldn't be bothered (hey, I want to spend my computer time in blogland) and b) it's nice to do nice things.

And we've been repaid tenfold. An especially good find was a corduroy mini skirt for me for $2. When I threw it in the wash $4.20 fell out of the pocket. Is it still a good buy if it's a little squeezy around the tummy? I think I'm kidding myself still buying the size I thought I was. The up side is that Rory thinks my tum makes a good pillow.

Here are some other finds:

spice rack (not anymore)
table cloth (but not for long! we don't have any round tables anyway...)

calendar tea-towel. should've left it there for Good Gracie to find! and some too-small holey rainbow tights are now leggings which are destined to live out the remainder of their life either in the washing machine or on these little girl legs.

What I really really need though are some bar stools and a cutting table for my sewing room. Hmm I feel a visit to Ikea coming on.

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