Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to sew a comfy tube skirt - tutorial

I purchased a huge amount of stretch fabric at Spotlight's clear the bolt sale. I had never sewn with stretch fabric before but for some reason I decided I needed 12 metres of it.

So I tried a few skirt designs but wasn't happy with any of them and stashed my stash of jersey fabric in the corner of my sewing room under a pile of other stuff hoping I could make it go away.

It didn't. Fortuitously, all in the space of a week I stumbled across this book and this belly band in the back of my drawer. Hmmm. Perhaps if I just made this band thing longer I would have a skirt. Hmmm. Comfy. Stretchy. Easy. Nice.

But I can't keep such a good idea to myself so here it is. Now go forth and be comfy.

Step 1 - Cutting

Start with a giant square of stretch/knit/jersey (whatever you want to call it) fabric. You need to make sure the stretchiest side is going to be the waist and the not-so-stretchy side will be the length. The length will be 100cm which will mean the finished skirt will measure about 48cm long. You can vary the width depending on your size. I make mine 80cm wide and I'm about a size 12. It's quite important to get perfectly square/rectangular sides or the skirt won't quite sit right and will twist when you wear it.
(Also, I use a 50cm x 50cm square to make these for Abby who is 3. Because the sizing is so flexible this measurement would fit a little girl age 2-6 I reckon).

Step 2 - Sewing

Fold the 80cm lengths (the stretchier ones) right sides together and stitch. I just use a regular straight stitch and you don't need to finish the seam as it won't fray. Backstitch at each end. You'll have a long tube now.

Then, fold the tube in half inside itself so the right sides stay together. Pin the seams together.

Remove the free arm from your sewing machine and sew around the tube but leave about a 10cm gap for turning just below the seam (as shown). Try to keep the seam flat as you sew or it will be quite bulky when you wear the skirt (I for one can live without the bulk). Backstitch at each end.

Step 3 - The end

Now, turn the skirt right side out by pulling it through the hole you just made. Hand stitch the opening closed. Turn the skirt so the hand stitching is on the inside.

I know it doesn't look special but it is comfy and comfortable is my number 1 criteria for clothing at the moment. I wear mine with leggings but you could wear it on its own or even as a top or boob tube or belt or turban or...


  1. What a great tutorial. A good one for early pregnancy or post baby. Well done.

  2. Where do you get that adorable fabric?

  3. nice tutorial....

  4. I was given a huge bag of knit fabric in tubes and found your tutorial while searching for what to do with them. Thanks!

  5. I seriously love you for this!!


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