Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't even think about reading this book

When we travelled to America when I was about twelve we saw a "Don't even think about parking in this space" sign which I thought was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen. Hey, I was 12.

Anyway, I'm here to warn you about this book on the left. It has taken me since Christmas to read as I could only digest the tiniest amount in a single session. zzzzzzzzzzz. It started out all right (if it didn't I would've ditched it much earlier on) but midway through the book a heap of (boring) sub-plots sprung up. But I'd already come so far so I trudged on in the hope that it would improve. Sadly, it didn't.

I enjoyed Wally Lamb's other books but I could've read four wonderful books like the ones on the right in the time it took me to read his one crap book.

Sigh. Well I didn't think I'd blog about books but I felt it was my duty to warn the world (well, the 3 of you that read my blog anyway).

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  1. does this mean you don't want an autographed copy for your Pay It Forward? =)

    In all seriousness, it's big and thick. It would be awesome as one of those hidden treasure books where you cut out the middle to hide something. I saw that recently in someone's blog.


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