Wednesday, March 25, 2009

But I don't wanna be a pirate

I pretty much just make little girl skirts for the markets at the moment but I've been wanting to launch some sort of peasant top/smock/pinafore creation for a while. So today I tried this pattern as a starting point and got half way through before deciding that the sleeves are very pirate-y.
So I left them off. Here is the result:

former op shop tablecloth

And then I thought, you know, that facing is just unecessary and troublesome. And why bother sewing the back panels together. I could use ties instead, thus making it adjustable. And then I thought that if I line it I won't have to bother finishing any of the seams or hemming it and what's more, it would then be reversible.

Oooooh. Sounding good right? Well, it is. It's great. Perfect. I love it.

One small problem. It's very much like many other little girl pinnies/smocks I've seen around. Which is a problem for two reasons. 1) The lovely smocks I've seen have been made by some new friends of mine (hello!) and 2) Adelaide is a little city and I think we're reaching saturation point with smocks (as great as they are).

Big people smocks though? Well, I haven't seen any of those around. And so I think I'm going to be taking a new direction with my gillybean sewing. Stay tuned.

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