Monday, March 23, 2009

Abby's creative space

I was hoping to blog about my nearly finished Anna Tunic but it's yet to be hemmed so I will wear it and blog about it tomorrow.
Instead I bring you Abby's creative space. Inspired by all those creative spaces I've been seeing over at kootoyoo. I know, it's not the right day for it. There's no way I'm organised enough to blog on demand.

Here it is, tidy for once, so I snapped some photos.

In the drawers are paints (top drawer!!), playdough and playdough shapes, colouring in books, scrapbooks, miscellaneous sheets of paper, stencils and stickers.

I've hung some fishing wire from one door frame to another and I hang all the stuff she makes up there. Time is the best moderator. Every week or so the crap gets 'recycled' (don't tell her!) and the good ones are either abducted by me and stuck up in my sewing room or put in a special folder I have for all her 'artwork.'

Thanks to Ikea, all her stuff has a spot to live. One container each for pencils, textas, paintbrushes, crayons, ink stamps, chalk, glitter, and sticky tape and glue. We try to keep it organised but, like me, she has creative frenzies where she doesn't have time to put everything away. The mess drives me crazy but I like to encourage her creativity and ignore it most of the time. Besides, she occupies herself here for hours on end so I can't complain, can I?

OK, time to hem.

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