Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 4 Marketeers

We were a veritable 'emporium' at the Fullarton Market on Saturday. We didn't sell much but I think we'd forgotten that's what we were there for as we were having such a lovely time chatting. Chatting about fabric, chatting about juggling kids with sewing, and sharing sewing tips. It's always nice to meet like-minded (and like-named) folk.

silly gilly retro apron

Three degrees of separation (well, it is Adelaide) had me meeting another creative Gillian (aka Silly Gilly). Silly Gilly lives down the road from Kate (Red Ted). Kate and Britta went to school together. Britta and I met at uni.

red ted does good pants

I'm inspired, I've tidied my 'studio' and I'm ready to sew. If all the planets align and the tennis isn't on instead of Playschool (grr!!) I might sneak 5 minutes in this afternoon.

one of Britta's paintings. Sorry, you can't buy it. I already did.

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  1. Of course your resident commenter had to come and comment, didn't I?!
    So glad to hear you were inspired and keen to get stuck into the crafting. Lovely painting btw!


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