Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've mentioned before how I really dislike little girls being dressed as mini-adults. Well, I have another pet peeve. This one annoys me even more. It's the phenomenon of fake unisex clothing.

So tell me. Which of these is not a unisex garment? Is it

A - Red tracksuit pants from Esprit
B - Green Rivers polo shirt
C - Navy Blue cord pants from Papoose
D - All of the above
E - None of the above

At first glance you might think D, all of the above. Red is a unisex colour. Green? Green is great for boys and girls. And navy blue? Well, there's no better unisex colour than navy blue. No no no wrong wrong wrong.
The answer is actually E none of the above. Crazy I know!!!! You need to look closely.
The red tracksuit pants have a little "Esprit" logo embroidered on the leg with a PINK LOVE HEART dotting the "i". Pink NOT unisex. Love heart NOT unisex. Sneaky buggers at Esprit.

The green rivers t-shirt has a butterfly logo. Hmmm last I checked butterflies were not the preferred insects of most boys. They tend to like crickets and dung beetles.
And the navy blue cord pants I just retrieved from the shed thinking they would be perfect for my little boy this winter? Well, they have a pink butterfly logo on the waistband which my unpicker just unpicked.

Why do clothing manufacturers do this?? Well, obviously they do it so they can sell more clothes. And make more $$$$. Not this time. My little boy will be wearing that butterfly t-shirt with pride.

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