Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prison pants

People often ask me how I manage to sew around my kids and the truth is I don't. I would like to be able to sit and sew and have them happily play around me but it just doesn't happen. My kids are too needy and too inquisitive for that. My MIL says she used to put herself and her sewing machine in one of those playpen thingos but I think my kids would either climb over it or under it or stand there banging it until I gave them some attention.

So when do I sew? Wednesdays. Abby goes to childcare and Chris' mum looks after Rory. Oh how I love Wednesday.

I do most of my cutting out and hand-sewing at night when both kids are in bed. I don't have a table in my 'studio' yet so I use the dining table and chat to Chris (who likes to watch CSI and all that rubbish).

This morning I had a rare moment child free so I made some new pants for Rory. He actually slept in and Abby was at Chris' mums again. I used a girl's pants pattern (Burda 9843) and made them in size 2 to accommodate his giant cloth nappy bottom. Obviously, I chopped quite a few inches off the length.

we need more of these gates.

Cute pants. I can't believe how well I lined up the stripes! I might even make him some more if he ever sleeps in again.

proof that we like to match

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