Thursday, February 12, 2009

(No) Sewing Wednesday

Oh I know you were looking forward to seeing this week's disastrous sewing project. Alas, my little chicken was home sick with an upset tummy and I was on cuddle and book duty.

She is feeling a smidge better today but not well enough to really do anything so we pottered at home (my favourite kind of day).

Abby goes on and on (and on and on) about her toys' birthdays...which toy's birthday it is, how old they are, whether they're having a party, who's coming, what presents they're receiving etc etc etc.

miraculous recovery just in time to lick the beater...

These conversations are a little tiresome. She's been on this birthday thing since her birthday back in July.

So today I tried a different approach. Let's give those toys a party.

So party we did.

Invitations were sent out (to Mummy, Daddy, Rory, and our 4 year old neighbour), we wrapped up a present, blew up some balloons and made a cake.

She said the party's going all weekend (hmm the toys must be teenagers). Surely it'll be out of her system after this.

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