Monday, February 9, 2009

My bit

I finally found the motivation to go through Abby and Rory's old clothes today. Until now I have been unsure what to do with them. Op shop? Ebay? Friends? Hold onto them in case we have more babies? I have held onto a few favourites but the rest will be going to people in Victoria who have lost their homes.

The pile in the top left corner contains gillybean skirts and singlets. I will be sending them to grandy and baa who is collecting handmade clothes for the fire victims.

How do you explain such a tragedy to a 3 year old? Well, she understands that some people are in hospital and she understands that some people don't have a house to live in anymore but we haven't yet explained to her that a lot of people have died. I'm not sure how to do it without scaring her and making her worry.

I vividly remember the Ash Wednesday fires in 1983 (I was 7). We lived on a hill in an threatened area and Dad was away so we were home alone with Mum. The wind saved us that day but the memory and the aftermath (seeing it on the news, hearing people's stories, driving through the affected area) still haunts me.

Abby was so sweet in her innocence as I explained who the clothes were for. I told her that the people in the fires didn't have a house anymore or a bed to sleep in or toys or clothes. "So they will have to be a rudey-doo?" "Yes, Abby" "Even at night?" "Yes, Abby" "But they'll be cold" "Yes, my love (trying not to cry)."

It's hard to make sense of a tragedy like this. I am thankful that everyone I know is safe (most of my family live in country Victoria) but so reduced-to-tears-everytime-I-see-the-news achingly sad for everyone who is not. There are so many questions and so much wondering what it must have been like for them and how on earth they will pick up the pieces.

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