Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exciting sewing ahead


= the start of my winter wardrobe

That pile of fabric is from my opshop trawl this morning. I took the 'I'm always happy when I'm out and about' child with me and the 'Muuuuuuum this is booooooooring' one was at my MIL's.

I'm going to make the Butterick dress with the blue fabric at the bottom of the pile. It is a lovely soft wool. I'm not sure what the next fabric up is but the original label says "2.3m $120" so I think I've stumbled upon something pretty special. It's a knitted fabric of some sort but doesn't feel like wool. I'll have to have a good think about what I'll turn it into.

I am going to turn the pink and green fabrics into tunic tops and I want to get some Amy Butler fabric to make the anna tunic but I couldn't decide which one. I'm very touchy-feel so find it very difficult to purchase fabric from the virtual world. Do any shops in Adelaide stock Amy Butler?

I was inspired to start thinking about my winter clothes after trying on this dress on the weekend. If it is still there on Saturday when I'm in the neighbourhood I'm going to buy it.

I'm getting a little tired of sewing little girl skirts (I never thought that day would come!) so I'm looking forward to doing some selfish sewing.

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