Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big fat failure

Who knew sewing with stretchy fabric was so tricky? Not me, or I wouldn't have purchased 12 metres of it at Spotlight's 'clear the bolt' sale.

Look at this terrible excuse for a skirt with hoodie-type pocket.

Oh dear. I should've stopped after I sewed the seams lopsided. I really should've stopped after I sewed the pocket on inside out and crooked. I was forced to stop after I sewed the casing for the elastic waistband closed. It's a good thing it's too hot for wearing jersey fabric at the moment - I've got plenty of time to practice.
I think the secret must be to use lots of pins. I don't use a lot of pins as they slow me down. Un-resurrectable failures (see above example) slow me down more though...

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