Thursday, February 19, 2009

Art classes

Abby has given up her sporting pursuits this term (swimming) and is focusing on her artistic endeavours. We are trying to expose her to lots of different activities but not all at once. That wouldn't be much fun for anyone.
We chose art classes because she spends just about every waking moment at her craft table in the corner of our kitchen. She draws, she snips, she paints, she folds, she stamps and she colours in. More on that later.
I stumbled across Carly's blog (through etsy I think?) and followed the links to her art classes for children. I thought she was very brave running art classes for the under 5's! But she does a great job of it. She has set up a little drawing table so the kids can occupy themselves before the class starts (and the mummys can covet things in her shop!). Together they read a story and then talk about the pictures in the book. The first week they learnt about patterns and last week they (and I!) learnt about cool and warm colours. Carly then makes a game of re-creating what they've seen in the book on paper with paints.
I admire the way Carly encourages the kids to concentrate and focus on completing their work (not easy with 3-4 year olds!). She keeps it fun and makes it interesting for them. I don't think they realise they're learning stuff.

This is Abby's painting from week 1 (patterns). Some stripes, dots and swirls in there. I love how she writes her name (bottom right). Hasn't quite worked out the 'y' yet.

The three paintings in the top right are all from Abby's kindy class (age 3-5).

Abby's loose interpretation of the term 'cool colours.' I think she thought it meant cool as in 'I think it's cool' not cool as in blue, grey, green.

Carly's studio and shop is in funky Croydon. Isn't it lovely? Everything in it is lovely and I think Carly likes Ikea as much as I do!

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