Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This one's for you, George

Well, I reckon I'm getting pretty good at these fabric necklaces and this one is my best yet. This is the same fabric I used in the floaty skirt I made the other day (which I ended up giving to my little sister because I decided that actually, my butt did look big in that).

I have found the secret with these necklaces is to use very thin fabric so that the knots are less bulky. Also, I used slightly bigger styrofoam balls in this one (2.5cm) so there is more ball, less knot. I have also been adding a few strips of fabric together to make them longer.

Although they initially flopped at the markets, I have since sold quite a few.

I owe my fabric necklace genius-ness to my friend Georgie so I'm going to be posting this one to the Netherlands for her.
I tried to take some photos of myself wearing this necklace but I came out all reflective and shiny. That would be because I'm glistening with sweat. That would be because the aircon cannot be fixed today. That would be because the motor is busted and, of course, they'll need to order one and that could take a while. Am I allowed to get grumpy yet?

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