Friday, January 23, 2009

That's still garbage

We attended a "That's Not Garbage" kid's craft session at Carrick Hill this morning. For $7.50 the crafters had a choice of making either: a fairy wand, a fishing game, a dream catcher or a fridge magnet. The materials were all rescued on their way to the rubbish dump by That's Not Garbage. There were bits of ribbon from a party supply shop, CD cases, copper wire casing made into beads, feathers (not sure where they came from) and bits and pieces of plastic. Abby made a fairy wand and dream catcher and Rory was kept busy grabbing scissors off whoever put them down for long enough. Carrick Hill is a lovely setting and it was a perfect day but I came away disappointed for a few reasons. Mostly I was disappointed because what the kids created was, well, garbage really. They had fun (of course) fun but the final product in this case is, I'm sorry to say, headed for the rubbish bin. It's just had a detour via our house before it gets there.

This is the dream catcher. I didn't even bother taking a photo of the wand.
Something tells me I'm not going to be at all disappointed with the art classes I've enrolled Abby in for Term I at

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  1. Ah I guess it's all in the process, isn't it? The kids had fun. It's like the things they bring home from kindy. Lots of it is just in the making.
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou for posting about That's not garbage. I heard about this place 2 years ago and haven't been able to find the name or location since. You're a gem!


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