Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sewing frenzy

I had another pre-market sewing frenzy today. I am taking a break now though as I have lost my unpicker. And with the kind of day I have been having I won't be able to sew much without it.

Tomorrow is the inaugural Port Elliott Old Garage Market. Organised by lovely Chloe of who I befriended at the Norwood Market and who went to the same school as me (although she is quite a bit younger so I didn't know her at school). It looks like it's going to be perfect market weather. Hopefully all the holiday makers and day trippers will be able to tear themselves away from the beach to come and visit us.

I've made lots of skirts (even though I said I wouldn't!) The business person in me says "make more boys' stuff" but my creative self says "skirts are so much fun!" I have also been working on some new stuff. Bloomers, bags and some pjs.

My friend Georgie (who is the necklace queen) inspired me to make a fabric necklace. Here it is:

Modeled by me here although I've been firmly told that it is going in the 3 year old of the house's jewellery box. OK then. I'm surprised she likes it since it's not "rainbow" which she is so obsessed with.

I have since discovered this free downloadable pattern on the Amy Butler website which is similar to mine except mine actually ties up at the back (like an apron) which I love because it means it is adjustable. I I will try to sew a few more tonight for the markets if I can find that unpicker of mine.

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