Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playdough fun!

Sadly, Chris went back to work today so the at-home portion of our holiday has come to an abrupt end. We were getting very good at doing a whole lot of nothing. I tried to convince Chris to take some extra leave but failed. Instead, we will have fun (doing nothing, mind you) without Daddy as we endeavour to extend the lazy days of summer for at least another week. This means puzzles, books, card games and lego. A bit of pottering in the garden, de-cluttering (to make room for all the Christmas presents) and organising for the year ahead. Some long walks, bike rides and park visitis. Watermelon and icypoles and dips in the paddling pool. Sssh, we might even get the sprinkler out. We won't be going far past our front gate though and we certainly won't be working to any schedule.
Well, that was the idea. But at 4 o'clock yesterday the kids were ratty and I was exhausted from providing the level of attention they had become accustomed to after 2 weeks with both parents and other assorted relatives pandering to their every need. So with an hour still to go until Daddy came home on a hot day when we had already played with every toy and read every book and sung every song...what's a mummy to do? Invite the neighbouring 4 year old over for some playdough fun.

I know some mummys won't do playdough. Too messy they say. But I'm happy to do the cleanup because it keeps Abby entertained for hours. I set Rory up as spectator (he was happy with a bowl full of corn kernels to munch on) and the girls did the measuring, mixing and chose the colours. I did the stirring on the stove. Everyone was happy and Daddy was home to save the day before they were bored with the playdough.
Phew, survived day 1. Think we might have to leave the house tomorrow though.

Here is the playdough recipe I use:
Mix 2 cups of plain flour, 4 tbsp cream of tartar, 2 tbsp of cooking oil, 1 cup of salt and 2 cups of water in a saucepan. Stir over medium heat for about 5 minutes until the mixture congeals. Keep an eye on it! Then I take it off the stove, divide it into batches and add the colours.
It lasts for ages (the last batch lasted about 6 months). We don't even put it in the fridge; just seal it in an air-tight container.

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