Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a sewing post

With all my new found inspiration, I attempted some sewing when I got home from the Gilles St Markets but clearly that was a bad idea. I'll be heading to bed very shortly. Am I the only 32 year old who goes to bed at 8 o'clock?
Instead, here is my babycino mug collection.

I haven't always been into babycino mugs. Only since I had babies of my own (funny that). Since then my collection has gradually expanded. The one of the far left is extra special. It used to belong to my Grandma. I don't think she drank babycinos out of it though. Probably tea. The one two from the left was by gift to Abby on her first birthday. I thought it was a fitting present since having 'cinos was such a major part of her first year.

Rory's birthday is on Thursday. I'm still undecided about what we will do (maybe zoo maybe beach) but I know for sure we will be taking him somewhere very special for his very first babycino. The blue spotty 'cino mug is his first birthday present.

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