Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new skirt for Mummy

I made a new skirt last night while Chris was watching the cricket. Ho hum. I didn't use a pattern, just based it on this skirt I have (in beige) from from Witchery. I love that skirt and wear it almost daily even though I don't normally wear floaty clothing, especially during pregnancy (not that I'm pregnant), as I think it makes me look much larger than I really am and I feel like I'm wearing a tent.

I bought the fabric from Spotlight a while ago (one of those "I love it but have no idea what I'll use it for" purchases). To reduce the floaty-ness I sewed a really chunky thick hem (about 10cm) so the skirt would be heavier at the bottom and hang down. I also turned up the seam of the ruffle (a trick my sewing teacher taught me) and sewed it to the waistband as this makes the ruffle sit in rather than out. If you want to make the ruffle stick out you the seam to the ruffle. Make sense?

Soooo...I think I like it. But not enough to wear it today as it's only 26. If I really really loved it I would wear it regardless of the weather (fashion before function!).

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