Monday, January 26, 2009

Market wrap-up

Britta and I have had a busy month with 2 Port Elliot Markets as well as Gilles St. All good fun and as always the best part has been meeting and chatting to fantastic creative people such as: Red Ted, Miss Polly, and Ve-Vo (who has a computer aversion).

Gilles St is the place to go to be young and funky in Adelaide. There were some families there but mostly the kids were hot and bothered (I don't blame them) so it probably didn't quite meet our expectations. It was still a great day but I don't think it's the perfect market for us to attend on a regular basis as we were definitely out-funkied.

See this? Pretty. Not funky.
What I'm most excited about is working on some winter stuff now that I have sold most of my summer stuff. I have been lying awake at night dreaming up new skirt designs (as you do). There will also be funky pants, beanies, and some knitted stuff. I also have some ideas for new hairclips (hello pom pom loom) and maybe some purses.

Oh, and the tea-towel bags I stayed up all night sewing the night before the markets? I didn't sell a single one. Should've gone to bed instead!

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